There they are (brands in radio)…

… or where are they?… while talking about radio contents, since content hybridization in radio, resulting from audience demand of new forms of interactive content that makes them part of the process. By approaching real-life, radio content produces the engagement with the listener.

Saturation and repulse with advertising is being addressed through creative radio advertising formats. Nevertheless, messages credibility, relevance and utility drive engagement and challenge surprising consumers. Evidence of radio relevance to “brand conversation” is within consumer habits and radio characteristics, which are essentially based on inherently conversational and spontaneous feelings. Radio communication is customized and invites response. None of these characteristics are radio-exclusive, but the combinations that allows offers an exceptional opportunity for brands to engage in conversations with consumers. From the perspective of media planning, brands can use the radio to communicate with their customers at certain times of day, week, or at particular places, such as the automobile.

If previous definitions of categories of product placement made sense, today one must see that product placement is moving from the introduction of the product implicitly in media (mostly TV and movies, but also on radio) without formal expression of it, or by playing an active role in the scene, to new forms of introducing the brand to viewers. Placement is simultaneously placing brands in radio programming adding references to the brand in dialogues or including the brand in the storyline, which represents brands telling stories (or, at least, being part of it), enhancing the brand identity.

Brands need to relate with consumers, which help building brand’s identity, personality, heritage and value. Characters in radio still don’t use brands to help construct their identity, but true sophistication is not yet, occurring in advertising, integrating brands identity and personality in media content to set up an emotional connection with consumers.

Emotional branding is all about stories that engage consumers. These are structured according to their lifestyles and understood as part of their lifestyles, dreams and goals. Today, brands interfere in media content: in entertainment industry, brands and content get together with all sorts of content formats. The idea, from marketeers, is simple: people see something on television (or listen to in radio) that generates a specific want – because the main character is wearing a lovely outfit or just talks about something still unknown to the regular consumer. That will prompt consumption. At least, will create the “to have” desire.

As stated here, for radio…



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