perfect radio. Is there any?

First of all, diagnose. You need to know where you are. How you are.

Then, establish goals and objectives. Now it’s time to define where to go.

After that, define a strategy. It’s time to find how to get there.

Everybody – or at least, some people – know that we need to analyse and find internal problems, deficiencies, advantages and strengths. It is the swot (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.

So, if you have your target defined; your competitors well-defined and analysed, you can now define your format and establish format characteristics, as form music, editorial content, entertainment content, news and traffic. But also pay attention to speech and sound. Create a sound experience for people tuning your radio station. After all this, it’s time to communicate. Develop your marketing strategy and create the marketing mix. maybe investing more on PR and innovative advertising formats, along with digital marketing. Manage your team. And please, do radio.



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