Hydrid radio prototype

About this, I am about to publish an essay on Participations, journal of audience and reception studies about something quite close to this.

The news is about “the hybrid radio prototype has a single user interface and offers listeners the chance to browse radio stations regardless of the method of ‘transmission’. (…) The radio automatically selects the strongest broadcast signal for each station, switching to an internet stream if the broadcast signal deteriorates. This process is transparent to the user and is powered by ‘RadioDNS’, another industry collaboration which aims to act as the hybrid ‘glue’ between broadcast radio and the Internet”. | read more |

My interpretation about this is the same, carving a new concept for radio broadcasting that I call r@dio. And regarding broadcasting hybridization, here’s just a very small sample of what I will be publishing…

“radio could combine broadcasting with narrowcasting, developing an intelligent radio broadcasting interface with content accessible through mobile devices.  While still in the early stages of research and development, cognitive radio (that is, a form of transceiver which automatically detects and adjusts to newly available channels) is a highly promising communications paradigm with the ability to effectively address the spectrum insufficiency problem”.

Want to read more? Click here and ask for the full text


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