Next in radio X (final chapter)

Traditional segmentation doesn’t work anymore. Well, it does work, but there are other ways to deliver the perfect content to the right people: radio will relate with people’s lifestyle and find them within the sub-cultures emerging from the mainstream culture and aesthetic practices, combined with digital infra-structures and informational architectures of participation.

The word-of-mouth relevance results from discrediting of traditional advertising formats: people trust in their friends opinions and advertising messages through broadcast media aren’t as reliable as before. On the other hand, people are in control, using available technology to fulfill their needs and expectations. Therefore, each radio station or even each web based audio content has to be in the center of conversations: to be part of this process, content has to be improved to mean something to the audience that gladly talks about it. Most probably, in near future, radio station websites will turn into a cloud service that listeners use to manage their media digest, customisable through widgets and  social networks sites and synchronise in every device.

Terrestrial broadcasting should improve the bonding with people: no longer approached as radio listeners or media consumers, the idea that radio is made by people, to people, is an approach that seeks to turn radio listening into a cool behavior and radio, as media, in a platform that combines the different web-based media content that each individual seeks in a given time, contributing actively to the construction of their media digest, assuming each ones’ favorite radio station as the gateway to the virtual world: r@dio would become the most important social media in this time of ubiquitous social Internet.


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