Next in radio XIX

Audience engagement will generate, on the medium term, profitability, by attracting brands to relate with the radio station, so, stations are developing rich content that enables conversations: content promotions (radio station programs on Facebook), content production (radio networks and user-generated content), interaction (radio presenters and DJ’s) and branding (radio shows and radio presenters).

Relating Jenkins (2006) idea of the emerging cyberspace economy with radio, one might say that radio his making the transition to a marketing perspective, establishing relationships with the audience to enhance sales, reordering the old business model of radio sales: profit is still based on a production basis that make the sales, but approaching indirect ways of selling airtime to potential clients, by selling them engagement with people, no longer seen just as an abstract group of people with similar socio- demographic characteristics, but a coherent group of people, the ‘knowledge community’ that once Jenkins also defined (2002). Radio is going beyond transactions, establishing relationships between the radio station advertisers and their costumers: paying for r@dio content, to have and add on the website or application; paying for the traffic generated from the r@dio to the brand website and, most important, able to be paying for the engagement that r@dio may drive.


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