Next in radio VII

The greatest challenge for the business managers and radio producers is to accept this kind of shared management that transforms radio structure, where professionals and listeners can create a new template, organizing the communicative context of r@dio.

Brands (radio stations or web-based music services) have to give people good reasons be talked about, to be loved, get endorsement and recommendations. Bottom line is to make people part of the brands’ life, make friends with them and change whatever bad feeling they might have, enhancing all into what really matters: getting involved, loving the brand and spontaneously spreading the word about it. This way, the r@dio station brand will be chosen among the diversity and endless  media offer that the web as to offer.

Broadcasters are experimenting new features that will transform radio: web applications, such as Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter are already part of radio’s communicative system, and using stores such as iTunes to make music downloads and audiovisual content purchase available to radio listeners. But broadcasters do not enable content share, unless you use content that radio stations make available on website (associated with sharing tools) or on social network sites (which by definition allow sharing); applications re-direct you to their own website, instead of being embed in the radio station website; searching and synchronisation are far from being used. Until then, radio stations must be a recognisable brand that people trust and remember…


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