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As for radio content, the participation of the listener/user may be expanded into a co-authoring exchange, by customizing the station webpage; contributing to the schedule by suggesting, opining or implementing ideas; participating both in music shows and call-in programs, interfering or rebuilding, remixing or adding information; creating programs, which are added to the station website; also promoting the station brand, sharing through email, bookmarks and generating conversations in social networks. Journalistic work may lose the gatekeeper function and reduce the agenda construction inasmuch as web-users are taking part in the breaking and current news. The same is happening with music, reorganizing traditional music genres in radio according to audience likes and dislikes, organizing their favorite songs to create the radio station music profile. Radio presenters may lose the gatekeeper function but have the important role of contextualization and adding something to the music itself, structuring a new context for music in radio: using networking distribution applications, radio can assemble an endless music database, shared among listeners who upload  songs and download playlists. ..


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