Radio V

Broadcasters are already doing this, offering podcasts and other on demand content. But broadcasters could step beyond. It would mean another organizational challenge, after multimedia newsrooms and newsrooms integration, by consolidating different applications, available through a web browser or mobile app, for sales, marketing, programing departments and newsrooms.

With audience monitoring on the cloud, sales and marketing could enhance new forms of business, as well as, content in a collaborative platform might utter newsrooms and programming teams performance. All joined, would improve relations with audience, engaging listeners through some cloud resources.

For audiences, cloud architecture should include peer-to-peer for content share; web applications (‘Facebook’, for instance); mapping (a sort of ‘Foursquare’) of radio listeners community, telling them what my location-based close friends are listening to; payments, integrating ‘iTunes’ services to sell music and audiovisual content; database, associated with search for radio content; above all, synchronization of content between PC and mobile devices.

Radio is different from a sound media comprising a linear model of mass communication, with a defined schedule and (un)repeatable content from a producer to a receiver. The metamorphosis is not in radio backbone, the sound, but in the communicative flux (live or on demand) and essential features. Forasmuch, radio is still long distance transmission, although today, air waves combined with binary codes….


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