Radio III

… There are several steps to consider for understanding broadcasting in near future: define what online radio is in comparison to other approaches to music and sound experience, establishing connections to web-based audio content (Cordeiro, forthcoming); decide which contents fit best this new broadcasting design; interpret online relations between radio, other media, user-generated content and social networks; define business models for radio; set up new broadcasting routines both for journalists, producers, presenters and directors; to understand who are radio listeners; finally, to be able to design new radio devices: Internet is already available in mobile phones, but radio broadcasters need to get drivers to expand online radio audience. What will it be the next generation of auto-radios? Since one day we will no longer be having analog radio devices, besides de mobile phone and the computer, where and how can we, then, listen to radio?

HD Radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), Cable or Online Radio are available in devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, as well as in auto-radios or any other kind of digital device. All of them represent new distribution platforms for radio broadcasting using on demand approach, available through RSS, newsletters, and most commonly, podcasts. Radio as also new features, like web-only music channels, web-only video channels, blogs, polls, interaction in social networks and online feedback of many sorts.

Radio is also about new content forms: in addition to sound, radio has text, video, images, and info-graphics.

Today, “instead of acquiring newspapers, magazines and long-play records – combinations of content compiled by professionals – Internet users access personal newspaper and magazine articles and songs” (Wurff, 2008: 82), with the same happening to the radio industry without broadcasters profiting from it.


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