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For radio industry it is ever more important to be aware were people are and what are they doing (devices and platforms they use) and act according to people’s behaviour: people use the web to work, for leisure and to improve social ties (Cordeiro, 2011a); there’s corporate, media, branded and user-generated content. In this “link economy”, people share a link because it means something to them and gives them high social capital (becoming those who find/recommend). They also believe that is something it’s fun to do (mostly funny user-generated content productions or even media generated content become viral for the humour within) and because it generates conversations (discussions and/or responses among their social networking friends).

Sharing is a verb that has always been part of our lives, but whose importance has grown exponentially in recent years by the confluence of goods, people and services in a networked context that allows us to be apart and yet, closer and more connected than ever. People relate and engage differently, consume and have increasingly more different consumption and consuming options and choices, as Botsman and Rogers (2010) rate by dissecting the ‘collaborative consumption’. Even though less concerned with sharing to enhance consumption or trading goals, in their perspective, sharing triggers new business opportunities, people get opportunity to help others and friendships arise from these sharing websites and collaboration systems or, as Botsman and Rogers (2010) say, there is a sharing economy and collaboration culture in which ‘what’s mine is yours’, that may also affect radio business.


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