Next in radio… I

Following Baym (2010), we believe that online communication technologies shape our social relationships and daily lives. Similarly, mediatization of technical media in relation to the transformation of our social experience, is establishing new paths of connectivity and communication, that contribute to a fragmentation and information overload in a anytime, anywhere, anyhow paradigm.

Our everyday life is moulded by digital media in digital platforms with several impacts on social life. Changes in production (with digital systems allowing anyone with basic computing skills to make media), but also distribution (automatic and weightless exchange, that allows unauthorized consumption and trading), are contributing to the changing face of media, media consumption and reception, as well as developing new media.

Couldry, Livingstone and Markham (2007) draw some attention to routines with media as part of any other sorts of routines, as individuals may have many different habits of media consumption. Constellations of media, as these authors explore, represent new patterns to be explored, as the whole idea of media might be imploding. Interfaces we call media are being transformed and dynamics for the social construction around a common world might be blurring boundaries between “the media” and interfaces (Couldry, 2011).

(references in last post)


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