A paixão da rádio…

… hard to translate. Not difficult to explain, but “a paixão da rádio” is a saying with no correspondence in english. None that I know, at least. Just like “saudade”, which is also quite hard to translate and refers to mixed feelings of missing something really hard and particularly missing someone, “a paixão da rádio” refers to another sort of mixed feelings about radio.

I don’t believe listeners to have this “paixão” which is passion, nor the strange kind of addiction that professionals have with radio. In fact, it rarely applies to marketing or sales, accounts and finance staff. But is sure means something for radio hosts and DJ’s. A bit less for journalists, I believe.

It is this passion for radio that makes some hosts so damm good. or that makes them being so creative and motivated. It is not (only) about salary and compensations. It is much more about the interaction established with the audience. The feeling of being alone, locked in a strange room – similar to an aquarium – and able to touch so many people with one single word.

And that is why a good presenter is so important for radio. And this is why radio managers should  educate, invest and promote good (amazing) presenters and hosts. Not only they feel this strange passion that makes them connect with people but they can also help your station to do business.

Being interesting presenters they will soon become one of the station sub-brands and able to endorse other sub-brands. Most of all, able to connect with audience through brands that are advertising in your radio station… Besides endorsements, radio stations can – and should – be ready for the next stage in radio advertising – branded content.

Think about it…

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