If you spend some time observing people you maystart wondering about reasons for some radio stations to fail.
Programmind directors should spend sone time in shoping malls. In supermarkets. On the streets observing people. And dare to go to places where obviously their target isn’t, which could be surprisingly helpful to understand that real people is not that we understand from research.
Radio stations are spending lots on research, involving expensive companies and methods. Not that these aren’t helpfull, but one of supposed less reliable methods – observation and interpretation- feeds something that, for long has been amazingly important in radio: intition. Not scientific. No ways to be proven. Depending on personal perspectives, perceptions and interpretations. Based also on personal experience and knowledge. But something that might just the WHOLE difference while deciding on radio programming.
Be aroud and look at people. Listen to then without interfere. Go to supermarkets and see what brands and kind of products they buy. And cross that with people’s looks, their credit cards and ways of payment. All will tell you much about people. Go to hype and less hype places. Go to the least hype placeyou can imagine. You’ll be amazed and might just understand why aren’t people listening to your radio station.
Independently from aspirational comunication, radio as to be meaninfull to people and connect with them. And if most of the time people want to be guided (look at successfull examples of Time Out or pitchfork, and many others in different areas), have information of what’s cool and hype, be amazed with stuff other way they wouldn’t know about, they also need guidance to solve their problems, suggestions to solve real problems and connect with stuff they already know about.
It is a hard equation. And observing might help. The supermarket is a very good place for that…


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