Why radio is like it is

I somethimes wonder – like if I don’t know – reasons for broadcasting to be like it is. Not that isn’t good or interesting. I believe radio broadcasting to be one of the most interesting media business, if not THE most interesting media business.
Nevertheless, I see it also from the inside and I feel that there’s much to be explored in radio: formats, business models, advertising.
Let’s focus on formats. Why only music, or why mostly music formats?
Well, theyare obviously cheaper to produce. But no way these are easier to develop. Radio stations have to find the best music selection and the propper music structure to please audiences, surprise them and even amaze audiences. How can audiences be amazed by music? I believe they can’t. Music is not enough. It never was, but before, audiences had no other way – or ways – to find and listen to new music. Radio was the best place to find music. And to find new music. But things have changed a lot. Television, TV music shows, music channels and, most of all, the web have empowered audiences. They now have the possibility and the ability to find and share music, which have diluted the power of radio as a tastemaker and a gatekeeper. Radio is today following tastes instead of shaping audience music taste. Which isn’t necesarily bad, if radio would interact more with audiences and build programming strategies together with audiences.
On the other hand, there are so many things left out of radio programming and I don’t know why, even if I do.
Why doesn’t radio go back to old times of programming integrating producers, instead of having their own teams of production?

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