Why radio is like it is II

I didn’t had time to finish the previous post but withou noticing it, it was published. My mistake.
Keeping with my wonders, I was asking myself why not go back to old times of programming integrating producers, instead of having their own teams of production? Radio stations, although might loose some control over production would lease some costs with staff and production. On the other hand, producers would struggle to become the best in market, competing with other producers and delivering different content for different radio stations. Might be a good idea.
And for radio statins within media groups, cross productions, instead of just cross media promotion, might also be a good idea. Imagine for instance a media group owning radio stations, print media, television channels and other sorts of media content, like websites. Instead of having different business units, corresponding to different companies, there could be different business units, with corresponding business models, sharing production units and, of course, sharing content, although produced with different angles or approaches, in differemt formats.
In a context of branding of media, multimedia content, online content consumption and sharing economy, with not have a difference sense of sharing and use this as an opportunity for raio growth in such adverse context (of media competition and availability of content). Why not?


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