Radio Days Europe – day II

radio lab – it’s not radio, is it?

Radio has changed so much that sometimes, we actually don’t know of what are we talking about when explaining what is radio. For instance, just imagine that you would have to explain to someone from another planet with no media – any! – no radio,no TV, no newspapers, no Internet… How would you explain what is radio? And audio media? Something that is mainly audio, but also has images and is multimedia, and is available online – an then explain what the heck online is!… Or that is something made by a bunch of crazy people who love being standing alone in a studio (than explain that is something similar to an aquarium) imagining that is mixing records and talking to a huge group of people who is following his conversation?…

Not easy. Not easy at all! To explore this conceptual definition radio days invited

João Paulo Meneses, is Online Editor at the 24 hours news radio TSF in Portugal, is also a faculty lecturer with a PhD on the iPod generation or, seen in another perspective, music as a competitor for radio if radio keeps on being what we used to know it

Cilla Benkö is Deputy Director General of Swedish Radio.
Also speaking are Andreas Kühn, from frischr in Germany
and Dominik Born, xlab, Switzerland.

Joao Paulo Meneses will explore alternatives which transform the role of the consumer from passive to active being today able to choose when and what to listen to.

Cilla Benko will present us the “Spotify Project” on swedish radio to reach new audience

Dominic Born let listeners create their own radio channel, with Do it Yourself.

Andreas Kuhn runs an innovative project called Frischr, that enables broadcasters to use sound bites send from the audience

Radio, fortunately has less repetition than music services, which might be a good point for radio! Specially if radio broadcasters will use Ramseys idea of doing actually radio in between songs… As Joao Paulo explored.

On the other hand, Cilla explained us how the swedish radio is coping with spotify, achieving a great deal of success, but mostly, this was not exactly by this relation with spotify but most particularly by changing their strategy and approach to audience…

Dominic’s boxes showed us were radio stands in people’s lives presenting a project that allows common people to organize their audio digest, mixing radio streams with podcasts and selecting the kind of music and radio station! Pretty impressive! Available at

Crowdradio is different from personalized radio, approaching what Andreas called of real social radio, by having an application that integrates content into broadcasted content.

Radio Events

In this session I hosted Taco Vinkeles nonspot and concept director of Radio 538 in Netherlands, presenting us with some ideas on how to make money and brand your radio station through events.

Events have been, for a while, a very good way to brand radio stations. These relate the radio station with its audience, and some potential audience that attends events promoted by the radio stations, like concerts, music festivals, all sort of entertainment shows… But also marathons and other social events… In this particular case, also helping someone, making money and creating a win-win situation for radio and for those in need.


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