Radio Days Europe – day one

This post is a personal approach to some sessions on this first day od the Radio Days Europe kn Barcelona. These sessions that either I was moderating or hosting. i confess that I took a rest and didn’t take notes on other sessions…

a. Radio for screens
Radio is used more and more on media devices with small or large screens: mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and all mobile devices you can image and that are still to come. This way, will it be necessary to give visual elements along with the radio broadcast? Radio as long left the “audio-only” approach with several visual content, from images to video and from video to iconography and other visual multimedia content…

What kind of visual elements give the largest added value for listeners and broadcasters?

We had the social radio of Radio 3FM in the Netherlands by Koen Maas
The new interactive radio of Prisaradio in Spain, which is the virtual world of “Fly Bar” (RNE/RTVE, Spain) presented by Ignacio Gomez
BBC’s close integration of radio and visual elements online, particularly in its coverage of live music events on multiple platforms that Sam Bailey explored.
And from PRISA, Diego Pruneda onthe company’s multimedia strategy.

People aren’t looking for formats but willing to find relevant content. Of course, this content will have to be available on most used and most appealing formats, some of them, visual.
Concerning radio and internet, we found that these make a perfect match and by using social media and social network sites, can improve relations with listeners. Koen Maas said something very important: if it is broadcasted once, in radio, its lost… Social media allow radio content to keep alive for longer.

So, to summ up and close this session, Sam Baley defended that visual in radio isn’t new and showed us some fine examples of visualizing radio and told us about the dangers of creating just crap TV!

On BBC, thoughts go around what people actually see online and in which platforms do they consume media – again, we’re back to screens!

Finally, Ignacio presented a digital project from rtve that really changes the way we can look at radio.

After all, The key, not the secret of success, is to have content on different multimedia formats, as we saw in these presentations.

b. Fourth Golden Age of radio
For those who don’t know Kurt Hanson, he writes a daily, web-based newsletter about Internet radio called “RAIN,” which stands for “Radio And Internet Newsletter” but Kurt also runs
AccuRadio with over 650 personalizable channels of music!

Kurt explored the “Fourth Golden Age of radio”, that is… Explaining us how radio will, again, turn to be bigger and better than ever before.

By exploring historical periods of radio, from the early 30’s ahead, Kurt got into the current development of radio based on listener and advertiser satisfaction and overall growth of the value of the medium than ever before, exploring four main characteristics:


Kurt remembered us that depending on the market, t here might be space for all sort of formats, depending on how you deliver them

But… Be careful with spot load on your station, because people might get bored and there are today so many ways to deliver interesting adds…

As for ubiquity, in fact, radio is everywhere,fortunately for all of us! Within this context, personalization might be the most important feature, allowing people to define what to listen to…

c. Radio kn the Internet, survival and revenues

How to do things workout for radio in this changing environment in an approach to the economy of attention? Michael Praetorius explored how Radio must think online and social media first, showing that radio – and media – environment is – or has already changed, even if some of us try to make and effort not to notice it…

Michael said that… The end of radio as we know it is near! Are you sure Michael?!

Michael Praetorius, an online strategist for tv and radio broadcasters, from Germany explored how
personality, relevance and connections to real people – those guys we cross on the street – and that we used to ignore, producing a sort of distant radio, placing radio communication in a sort of upper place… Is gone!

Michael talked about the shift of radio, considering FM and DAB to dead ends for radio.

Most important aspects to produce radio are local, mobile, real-time, personalities and social, according to Michael and that is completely changing the way we do radio!

Another approach, more into radio business, about revenues and monetization on Internet was delivered by Elisa Escobedo CEO of Audioemotion, which handles 70% of all on-line radio advertisement in Spain. She has also initiated an organisation for on-line radios in Spain, AERO, to further vitalize the on-line radio market.

Elisa offered us a presentation about streamed radio and online services. Bust mostly, she was talking about how to make business out of online radios. I did listen to her exploring what kind of advertisement works for on-line radio and how you can get more revenue out of your Internet business. Elisa talked about the ways to monetize and target online radio, and some advertising formats available through audiomotion… Insisting on the idea that radio and digital platforms are perfect for each other!

That’s all for today, from RDE in Barcelona!


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