Why change

In 2004 I decided to create a blog. I was something new that, nevertheless, many people already had. Much has been through. Times they are changing but thinking about radio and Internet is still on the edge. No one knows for sure what Internet radio is – independently from all academic conceptions (or misconceptions) that one can find – and mostly, no one knows where is heading to.

So, chosen theme for blog is still interesting but approach developed seemed a bit “much about the same”. That’s why I decided to improve NetFM by inviting a good friend who is always updated on this things of music and radio and radio and music and music and Internet and Internet and music and so on.

Teamwork always gets us to find new things and perspectives. And this is one of NetFM’s objectives: a fresh look on everything happening online, regarding radio, music and Internet, with a marketing and a cultural approach.

Say hi to Pedro Esteves!

  1. João Paulo Meneses said:

    Hi Pedro Esteves!

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