Same old… same old…

A few months ago, I decided only to write on this blog when something really interesting or important might happen in relation to radio, music and Internet. In fact, there are daily thoughts that I don’t have enough time to write about; interesting links that I share on Facebook; and of the record informations that I cannot talk about here for some time…

So, this post is about nothing in specific but many important stuff that I sometimes wonder.

Changes are arising so fast that in most cases, radio and other media have no time to adjust and keep on producing same old concepts and ideas in a renewed presentation. This is multimedia, but doesn’t explore the interactive and hypertext discourse. People in radio are stressed out about monetizing content and often forget about what is really important in innovation: being innovative. On the other hand, the so called crisis (that has been stucked around for quite a long now), is a very god excuse to have smaller teams, which makes it harder to manage talent in radio, to produce interesting content, no manage the relationship with audiences… In other words, to innovate. And in most cases, this is why radio communication and radio’s approach to the web is often something similar to innovative, not being really innovative but making, instead the necessary arrangements not to be surpassed by competitors. And this is no way to think about or to work in radio.

Daily concerns and daily tasks often get to be more important than defining a strategy for the radio station. People know what to achieve, where to get but sometimes mess up on the way…

There are, though, other thinks that I sometimes thing about, like the importance of monetizing content and the importance of brands in radio. Brands in radio provide identification between listeners and radio content. Like a flagship that can show them what sort of radio are they listening about. Well, the surely know about it by listening to the music. But isn’t a bit confusing when different stations have se same sort of music? Probably is, reason way presenters have such an important role in radio – they make the difference, with their voices and style; but also other kinds of content – branded content as arrived and firmly settled in radio stations providing new stuff for listeners. The problem is that in most cases listeners are not paying enough attention to it and don’t care about te sort of content they are listening to. But they don’t pay attention to the content they read or watch in TV and movies, so, why bother to discuss it specifically in radio? If we discussi it in media, talking about social media and branded media, that should provide interesting and important information on how media are changing from information, educational and entertaining to something that defines a type of lifestyle and makes us want to buy things. Wasn’t this supposed to be the advertising industry role?…

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  1. Hélder Dias said:

    Interesting. In fact, with the decline in records sales, Radio lost part of its influence helping majors in the business. Although, there are some quite curious cases, where Radio helps live concert promoters to sell their events. It’s something like the following message: “don’t buy the record of this artist, because no one is selling CD, but pay to go to one of his shows”. It exists on a daily basis routine. It’s all over the air. Just turn on your radar 😉

    Perhaps, that’s a new way of branding, where the brand it’s hidden (the promoter company), and all the people can see is the product (band’s next gig in town). Obviously, if that gig, or festival, has a brand attached to its name, now we understand the whole value chain.

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