Lifestyle media. Lifestyle journalism. Lifestyle radio?

By embracing cross-media behaviors and adopting the convergent and always on Internet-based technologies and services, such as social networking, podcasting, blogging or mobile communications, media consumers are increasingly changing their habits towards a new behavior to this new connected lifestyle.

Media networks provide transnational flows of content with influence in our everyday life, representing a macro-level of cross-border interconnectedness and interchange with impact in lifestyles, social attitudes and personal experience. Knowledge of consumer activity is fundamental for media activity as well as knowledge of media brand appeal for those experiencing interactive services. Media have begun to segment using lifestyle characteristics and technological profiles to set up deeper connections with their potential audience, setting up media as brands, thriving the emotional side of contemporary consumption, within the interdependencies that help to build social constructs and have some symbolic meaning, by following media content through social networks, or simply listening to a specific radio station, watching a TV station, reading a newspaper or magazine and, of course, Internet sites.  In this context, can we look at radio as “lifestyle radio”?


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