Radio and Marketing

Sometimes I wonder if radio isn’t becoming too “marketeered” (if even this word exists), by the influence of profissionalization of radio industry and (maybe) to much dependence of marketing research, tools and techniques in order to define and/or improve content and formats; promote the radio station and engage with audiences.
In fact, even if this may look as an evangelization of marketing in radio, radio must adjust to media consumers reality and their consumption. Daily life is highly impacted by digital techology and new gadgets approaching the market, therefore, the costumer journey is important to follow combining an approach to their experience, in an everywhere logics, based on an exchange approach that will turn into a brand evangelism, using the radio brand listeners to find other listeners, since we entered this total consumer collaboration culture.
Costumer experience has to be relevant and involving (multiplatform) exploring, even in radio, the behavioral economics establishing small brand communities of chosen people with access to priviledge information and networking, expanding from here to larger networks of people.
Think about it, while branding your radio station…


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