Sugar the audience

In this conversation environment, audience has to be in centre of media organizational systems. Communication is most important and, regarding radio, this communication regards not only the way radio stations – the brand – relate with listeners but mostly content ptoduced defining also marketing touching points. Most problems within radio stations aren’t in content or in established relations with listeners but inside organizations and their organizational structure. Fear of loosing control has led to an approach not focused on ways people work or ways people engage with radio. Instead, organizations make people adjust to their data systems and listeners use (not only listen) radio in ways highly controled by broadcasting organizations. This is no approach to a social context of business, marketing and communication. Flexibility is the most important notion to keep in mind, these days: we know that things are changing, we just don’t know the way things will be changing in near future. One thing is certain: radio must be in the social platform in use at each time.


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