Content Marketing, some thoughts…

Marketing messages…
… Can be about information with soft selling… But, aren’t all messages a little bit like that (excepting some cases of hard news in printed press).

Google updates have influence on your website, regarding the amount and relevance of your content.

Content marketing works if you win over your own enemi – yourself (the organization). Today, being centered on the product isn’t enough (advertising started to be informative and communicated some beneficts), companies centered communication on the product itself, mainly their caracteristics for the expensiveness and available time for advertising. Today we need useful, fun, informative and commercial-driven content. Nevertheless, brands have to focus on “what’s in it for me?”
The though on a costumer head is very simple: he will care about the brand when the brand starts to care about him. This leads us to the art of understanding that enables the art of delivering information in a engagement way. Don’t forget to listen to people, otherwise, they own’t listen to you!

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  1. xmobile said:

    It’s true what you say, people are fundamentally self centred, we love to care about people who first care about us or seem to care about us.

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