This is radio!

Mobile phones are almost perfect, but still lacking some features to meet perfection…

BlackBerry® voicenotes, for instance, seem to be uploaded to wordpress. But only seem….

This is another audio post (sounds in Portuguese this time). It is old-time radio programming! Never thought the style of programming would still exists. But it does… This is what happens when you cross the country by car… Enjoy!

  1. xmobile said:

    I feel radio should take a massive leap to digital radio, if this leap is seamless or transparent to user devices, all the better. What I mean is that online radio should become the de-facto standard and analog base stations should be refitted to dish out digital radio to existing FM radio receivers.

    If this happens, the rate of radio use decline should stop as people would be able to enjoy their favourite stations across wider area.

  2. Hélder Dias said:

    It is really old-time radio programming, maybe for old-time listeners. Portugal has a growing number of old people. In country zones, poor educational level with advanced age makes an explosive mix. By the way, TV suffers from the disease…

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