Music Industry turnaround…

It’s not the music industry turnaround, but rather artists improvement of their creative production. Music is not enough. People want added content, available in consolidated and emerging platforms.
To be or not to be, can be used, although not in Shakespeares’ sense. If a musician is not there, he doesn’t exist… Where is “there”?
Google. MySpace. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. Any interesting web relating his music and his target. And now, also mobile apps and tablets. Enough? Not yet. Concerts have to be imaginative, innovative, multimedia, unique and in relation to social media.
A few days ago I wrote about Lady Gaga, one of best contemporary examples of almost-achieving-to-be-perfect example of social media and networks usage. Today, while reading about Bjorks’ most recent work, I immeadtly starred at two words: multimedia and iPad.
With a definitly different profile and artistic work from Gagas’, Bjork has, neverthekess, great notoriety among indie music fans and some public recognition, while being a successful artist from a non-mainstream-producing-success like US is. New conceptual album from Bjork (whish I still haven’t eard) shows that everything is shanging in music industry and that, that change is not related to dependence or independence of artists relating to media conglomerates and record industry, but to a new way to think about music and artistic producting relating it to technology… Think about it, people!


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