Watch out broadcasters…

From Mark Ramsey,

“If you look at where broadcast radio is going, it looks like they’re trying to become what online radio used to be,”  Sasse said. “What we’re trying to become is what broadcast radio used to be, which is radio that’s expertly programmed and tailored to you. It used to be that when I came to a new town, I’d find an awesome station with a local DJ that talks about the music in my city, the concerts in my city and play some new music. Radio done right can be really good. And broadcast radio is really missing out, because they’ve just turned into generic hit machines.”

Be aware that radio is much more than playing the music your listeners want to hear. Give them additional features, be relevant to them. Talk with them about things that matters to them and find ways for hem to include you in their conversations. “Generic hit machines” are a dozen online and they are also part of the equation!

Again from  Mark Ramsey, “if broadcasters don’t recognize that the definition of “radio” is a lot bigger tomorrow than it was yesterday, we will only enlarge the opportunity for radio “alternatives” to compete and thrive.

Diminishing the competition is stupid.  Joining them on their trajectory is smart”.


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