Someone is doin’ it… but will it succeed?…

I’ve talked about Jelli more than once and they were even to be having a presentation at the I R@dio in Conference, last year in Lisbon, because I found quite interesting and appealing the idea behind the music service called Jelli: the game within, the competion, the social appointments and the potential of it, in relation to terrestrial radio stations.
Jelli has premiered the first audience-driven terrestrial radio stations (two in Vegas), using the same logics and structure of the Jelli online music service. But is the audience ready to keep on with the terrestrial demanding programming, interacting through the Jelli site or iPhone app? Has Jelli accounted for commuting hours with lower internet access or lower hability to interact/vote (at least while driving)? Or is Jelly for that niche of terrestrial listeners willing to have web 2.0 tools in radio?
If it works, radio has definitly turned into r@dio…


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