March… The Radio Month

After the Jornada Radio 2.0 in Barcelona, this week we have The Radio Days in Copenhagen and The R@dio Conference, next week in Lisbon. By the end of the month, the Spot, advertising awards in Portuguese radio.

Main topics from the Jornada Radio 2.0 in the beginning ot the month:

As for media advertising, it has been said that Europe is less advance in selling new media

As for radio, it is the app moment: telecoms are working on flat rates for data consumption and smartphones are rapidly getting into mass market, offering a wide range of multimedia features. Smartphones allow radio to enlarge audience, engage with people and develop niche markets. The platform is highly dependable on the target, but there are already 300.000 apple apps and 100.000 android apps.
What to do with the radio app? Stream FM radio programmes, web access, music information, social networking, news, podcasts, contacts, shopping. Right now, 30% of all available apps are audio and mp3 apps.

Radio broadcasters are becoming technology developers and also content managers.

In Spain, much is being said about la
“Inversion publicitaria”, that is, changes in advertising investment and in ads formats. Online is growing as online radio listening grows, with systems being developed to track listeners behavior and to distribute a specific message to each one of them.
The remembering in online advertising is proven to be better than just offline ads (45% versus 27%).

Radio provides an interesting link between music and brands, as well as brands and comediants or opinion liders.

Main objectives today are:
1 personalized experiences
2 100% reach
3 content monetizing

The listener wants:
1 easy ways to find content
2 live and on demand
3 high quality
4 participate
5 networking
6 any place, any device

Broadcasters wants:
1 easy ways to manage the content
2 all available content
3 to know who is the listener
4 engagement
5 notoriety
6 to monetize

On demand in radio as high value and we can know much about this kind of user, therefore, add a pre-roll to the podcast (in relation to his profile)

Radio has the long tail – huge and various choice of radio are available today, with less adverts and better targeting, with no borders and available on mobile. Radio is definitly uboquous (devices).
Today radio can sell listerners, not radio formats, because with geo marketing we can have different adds and they are online, just one click away from the ad.

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  1. Richard said:

    It’s good to see that European networks are trying to be more understanding when it comes to data. In the UK, what was once an ‘all you can eat’ policy is now being capped at 500MB a month. Which means additional data charges (or blocking) for anything more than casual online listening. That’s a shame as the industry is really getting it’s act together with branded station and group apps.

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