1 March, 2011 19:46

From The Music Industry Report, using the latimes:

Artists utilizing and exploring their sexuality through music isn’t news — it’s part of their self-expression. But today, as much as ever, pop music’s biggest players, especially female -– be it Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry or Nikki Minaj -– have all found ways to harness their sexuality to their benefit.

As the artists in the spotlight are considered by many to be heroes, the women who play quieter roles behind the scenes — music critics, managers, publicists and industry leaders — face obvious hurdles in a historically male-driven record industry.

Interesting issue, the gender and music, as well as the “self” exploitation of sexuality, since one way for women to succeed (i.e., to became popular) is to use their good looks and fiteed body, fact that is directly related to the mass consumption of music vídeo and the development of the record industry towards a mass consumption industry, producing artists and recording music as fast as it obsoletises the artist itself. The projection of female sexuality as soon became part of this context, regardless the fact that of this female artists could hardly sing… Isn’t the record industry all about the music, or has it become all about the looks? If we look carefully, the same has happened to man…
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