Radio 2.0

An interview, for the “Segunda Jornada Radio 2.0: Conectar com los e-oyentes y monetizar”

March, 2, 2011: Barcelona

Programme available here

I’ll be talking about the “Interacción entre las radios online y sus contribuidores, los oyentes y las marcas“.

They sent me some previous questions…

– ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de monetizar un proyecto de radio online hoy en día?

Radio, as other media, is facing the online challenge and changing the concept of radio as we used to know it in order to monetize established and new projects. Therefore, online radio refers not only to FM radio streams, but as well to web-only projects. These, can be radio -related or audio related. I think that one important thing is to know what are we talking about when referring to online radio. Is it an FM radio stream or any other kind of audio content online? There is, are we talking about monetizing the FM radio website, or other kind of new approach to radio, because there are many differences in this kind of approach: the FM radio online has already a well known brand that can be consolidated through the visual components that online can introduce to radio. The online can be used to develop new relations to the audience and new approaches to advertising investment that can also, lead to new ways to monetize radio content. As for any other kind of audio or radio related online project, there are endless possibilities, meaning subscription or, through branding and mostly, establishing relations between the service itself, related brands and engaging people through social networks.


– ¿Cómo ayudan las actuales herramientas de medición de audiencia a mejorar la radio online?

Not of much help… yet…Because they can’t give an accurate definition of who is listening and exactly how many listeners an online radio has. Nevertheless, online broadcasting is becoming very important to Portuguese radio stations, which gather information about their sites and online transmission to improve their relation with online listeners. Nevertheless, for the majority of radio stations, experience with technology or the platform they use to listen isn’t still considered for the definition of the listener profile.

The radio listener can no longer be observed strictly by a demographical point of view. In Portugal, radio stations still use profiles that combine socio-demographic information with lifestyle. Although most stations can’t gather information about the listening platform, some are using demographics, countries, cities and language information in social networks to create an online listener profile, using also listener’s loyalty as a feature to characterize them. although radio stations try to improve the ratings information by developing market surveys combined with some qualitative research, they still consider the web as an complementary platform for radio broadcasting and aren’t developing research in order to find who are these people who listen online to their radio programming.

Audience measurement should follow an integrated media measurement, to provide data on listening through different platforms, being the computer and the auto-radio the most important for now; later, Internet and mobile phones, when Internet becomes widely available in auto-radios. Out of home should also be considered, since radio is considerably heard in restaurants, bars, health clubs, hairdressers, beauty centres, footwear, clothing, accessories and other kind of stores. Internet panels should bring about more than metrics for online behaviours, providing information about the audience engagement with online radio, relating it with mobile applications and data from mobile phones, concerning both FM broadcasting and live streaming.


– ¿Cómo pueden integrarse las redes sociales al contenido de las radios online? ¿Es rentable hacerlo?

No, not yet, but some advertising campaigns using radio and social networks are becoming the most profitable. But, it wall depends on the objective of the advertising campaign. I think that, on the contrary of the question, the online radio must integrate its content in social networks, not the other way around, unless we are talking about social applications to be used in the online radio websites.



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