Where audio and image get together in a very nice way. You can skip the images, but you can’t stop listening…





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Info at Monocle: “Art International Radio is an internet radio station based in the Clocktower in lower Manhattan, a building famous for having been at the centre of New York’s art scene in the 1970s and 1980s. At the helm is Alanna Heiss, who’s been at the forefront of contemporary art in New York City for decades and was the founder of PS1, a centre for art in Queens that’s now part of the Museum of Modern Art. AIR broadcasts art-related talk and interviews as well as an eclectic range of music, and experiments with radio theatre and more ambitious sound-based extensions of art projects. Monocle visited the headquarters to see the operation in action”.

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  1. Art Radio: a radio about art
    Radio Art: Art that uses Radio


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