Interesting figures

“listeners of different music genres or formats have varying degrees of exposure to other media such as TV, newspaper, outdoor, and the Internet. (…) internet exposure among listeners of different radio formats varies significantly.  Among the top most listened to radio formats, listeners to Dance CHR (Contemporary Hits Radio) spend an average of 4.5 hours online daily, more than any other radio format analyzed. (…) Among radio listeners who spend the most amount of time watching TV are those who listen to Urban Adult Contemporary (UAC) stations, while listeners of Public Radio spend the least amount of time watching TV. (…) Public Radio listeners spend an average of two hours and 40 minutes watching TV each day, a figure that is 42% lower when compared to the typical U.S. consumer’s daily TV viewing habits.  Analysis of Public Radio listener’s media habits by age group also suggests that as listeners get older, they spend more time listening to radio, a trend not often seen among radio listeners”.

Source: Trends in Radio: Formats Compete Differently with other Media

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