The future of entertainment (PWC)

Market is growing and consumer and user spending also. Internet advertising and vídeo games are the fastes growing part of the market. Radio is in the 8 posdition of a list of 13 segments. Recorded music is in position number 10. Newspaper and consumer magazine are being challenged is their business model. In Portugal the market os radio and recorded music will grow.
Subscription models are failling in the US market. How to convince people to subscribe my service. The global advertising in radio was 7% in 2009 and will keep this rate in 2014.
Consumer spending is growing within TV subscriptions. Wired and mobile households is growing rapidly: very exciting in UK and outrageous in China. Non digital revenues will keep on with around 70% of revenues in 2014.
Young people surf in sites and try to find free content to own it and share it with their friends, and became relevant to them.
Convenience and imediacy. The internet experience dominates. Quality and conveneince dominates the willingness to pay. Media xonsumption returns to being a social experience, although virtualy. How do they communicate? Using the most convenient device, platform and software.

Digital value chain:
Economies of scale
Speed of decision making and implementation (innovation)
Talent management
Monetize brands/rights across platforms
Partnership structuring

Changing and challenges: will you fit in?

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