Internet e Conteúdos pagos: que modelos de negócio?

Jantar – Debate da APMP

Main ideas, last night at the dinner – debate of APMP were around the total indefinition of new business models for online paid content. Internet in different screens (not only the computer) makes every discussion about TV channels unnecessary, Nuno Artur Silva stated, remembering Chris Anderson as he explained that media monetizing will turn into a diversity of services with smaller profit each, contributing to the whole of the company. The point is that media is no longer media, in this convergence culture, where in addition to the distribution, the same content can be offered across media, even if these media are also converged media, creating powerful marketing synergies.

The main problem today are different approaches to online paid content that represent also different ways to monetize content, in a context of different velocities within consumers and also in media companies, remembered also Nuno.

On the other hand, Carlos Marques spoke about online music business, which already represents 25% of the business itself. nevertheless, since 2009 that the total sales in iTunes is stable, which might indicate the need to reconfigure this business model, something that an accurate analysis of iTunes denotes. He also spoke about piracy and its contribute to the fail of music industry traditional business model, appealing to the sensibilization of consumers by all of the players in this industry, to diminish the free/illegal downloading.

Pedro Araújo e Sá revealed some figures about Cofina performance which still relies mainly in traditional media, as 48% of total profit comes from print media sales. Half a million of portuguese consumers buy monthly publications, which shows the strength and credibility of their brands and the false idea that people do not want to pay for content. He refers iTunes success to prove that consumers are willing to pay, as long as it makes sense to them: the content, therefore, must be relevant and exclusive. It also has to be adequate to the moment of consumption, appealing to the sense of opportunity as also the easiness of payment methods.

Digitalization ended with media exclusive production and distribution. Today the competition is between media, channels of distribution, fastness of production and different kinds of players and content, designing a context in which many of media content will no longer be profitable or even monetizable. Once again, more diversity in earnings which become smaller and smaller, contributing to the vertical integration in media companies.


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