Children and media – radio

Taking in consideration the seminar taking place next week about ‘Children at the Heart of the BBC’s Mission’, I wonder why radio has left children as a maket target. If children don’t engage with radio they may never become radio listeners. And even when these children grow up and may need traffic information or news while driving, by the age that the youngers become young adults, radio will be just one more option in the car. In the UK it seems that young vioewers are a very competitive market, even if we are talking abou TV. Nevertheless, BBC is the only broadcaster producing original children’s programming, which is also quite interesting since TV audiences are also erosing and moving from this screen to other kinds of screen, consuming visual content, that in most cases isn’t television programming. As for BBC or the Portuguese RTP (both radio and TV), there’s a responsibility in serving young viewers. What are public service broadcasters doing to this audience? Do they know the youn viewers needs and expectations? As for radio, nor public service or private broadcasters cope with the needs of younger listerners, expecting to have the same audience they know have without thaking into matters aging of their listeners or finding new ways to find younger ones. What will happen in a few years?

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