CAR – Computer Assisted Reporting

CAR, Computer Assisted Reporting, by Steve Doig @ ISCSP, this morning.

Steve Doig is spending this first semester in Portugal and came to ISCSP for a lecture on Precision Journalism, explain its origins and the reasons why reporters started to use computers in their daily routines.
The importance of this method is related to topics and the kind of data that allows to study, comparing patterns of socio-cultural phenomena, as for crime and justice, elections, racial segregation, environment, education, transportation, weather and disasters (hurricanes, for instance, as Doig exemplified), public opinion, sports (a great field for CAR, people who read about sport love data and numbers, as Doig said, for instance, the money making versus the productivity of baseball players), business, demographics, and many others. Big investigating projects where, for instance, Hurricane Andrew and election fraud (Miami Herald); Dangerous trains crossings (NY Times); Police shootings  and children’s deaths (Washington Post), prisioners released (O Globo), also talked about some examples that he has developed, explaining how these works can be interesting for readers, as it related directly with their lives (dog licenses, for instance, showing the number of dog licenses, most popular breeds and names, finding very curious data).


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