Radio and narration symposium

24 hours around radio stories

Brussels Facultés St-Louis
19-20 november 2010

The universe of narrative radio is now booming,
and even seems to experience a new birth.
A priori, one would however tend to think
otherwise. Indeed, in radio drama, is narrative
not limited to the production of niche programs
reserved for few cultural channels? And in the
documentary sector, where are the narrative
content programs, except in the late hours of
programming, even on community radios ?
Yet the narrative is reborn.
On terrestrial radio, narrative now enjoys
legitimacy in staging the radio news, where the
story little by little found letters of nobility.
It is also investing more and more sectors of the
radio ad. Its location in the documentary
production takes new forms. With more testimonial
forms, it interferes with talk programs. And
there is talk of a possible return of radio
drama, whose nature has yet to imagine.
On the new media, the narrative also begins to
move, whether on web radios or audio-databases
programs. It occupies new space, with a new language.
At the birth of radio, the story was at the heart
of this medium. Subsequently, it was widely
rejected. Today, two are occupied in reacquainted.
The opportunity is unique to review the various
components of the related radio story, whether
with a historical perspective (from the “golden
age” to our days), a narratological reading or
writing, a pragmatic semiotic analysis, a formal
sociological perspective, or socio-economic and strategic interpretation.

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