@ Hamburg (ECREA Conference)

As usual, Germans don’t take it easy and I can’t connect from my mobile phone or my laptop. Fortunately I’m able to use a very cute small laptop from another Portuguese Radio Research.

This is a very interesting meeting for those interested in Radio, where we can share information from different countries through case studies (right now I’m at a panel called “Hispanic Perspectives”, where different presentations focus mainly on Spanish broadcasting system and most of all in digital radio and podcasting), as well as through different approaches to radio or conceptual frameworks.

Concerning the different panels, the future is yet to be defined and radio researchers focus on main different aspects, from identity and representation, to expession and diversity, as well as the evolution and the transition process, the panel where I’ll be talking about the European project I’m running with seven partners, about Generations and Internet, a comparative study of european radio listeners.

Liked very much of Tony Selas presentation and Ignacio Gallego, who have an accurate perception of how podcasting can be integrated into radio, and the business models for this new approach.

I’ll get back to this as soon as I can use this laptop again!


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