Radio 2.0

Best from the Radio 2.0 conference, yesterday in Madrid

Ando media group, Daniel Karlson
Less banners and more audio advertising
Online radio is mainstream, mass market;
US monetisation keeps on growing;
Terrestrial radio listening diminuishes all over Europe;
Ando media listener lab: interface to compare listening time by format, for instance, or the listening locations;
US Best practices: CPM/impression based selling; spot with a spot; 5% plan; mixed bag (CPM to agencies, spot to direct clients).

Global radio, Nick Piggott, head of creative technology
90% listen to radio
24,6% listen on digital platform
83% of all audio listening. For children is 63%, still the biggest form
As soon as new gadgets arrive, radio is there. 4 million aps downloaded from private radio More people with streaming music app (radio futures)
Measurement plus displaying information is important to advertisers Tagging is the future of content and advertising
Radio DNS reduces the amount of data consumed, combining FM or DAB with web apps and no music service can do it’s a hybrid radio app The future of radio has to combine technology with great ideas!

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