“There is no such thing as radio anymore,” said Tom.  There’s no such thing as radio or TV or newspaper or magazines or even ad agencies.  There is only media.  And all media is now in competition with all other media because the firm lines once separating audio from video from print are no more”.

Tom Asacker in What the iPad means for Radio…really, Hear 2.0
  1. That is not understanding what Radio is (or the rest). Or just saying that Radio is only… “radio”, worked out from a media centric perspective. Just ignore the tails of the gaussian and you’ll arrive at the same conclusions probably… unless you think the tails are important. After all, it seems to me that Radio (or TV, or newspaper, or magazines) are or can encompasse more than media. But heck, I just live on the fringe 🙂

  2. Paula Cordeiro said:

    It’s a perspective. But if you see it in the mainstream media context, radio, or press, or TV can’t still be understood as the medium itself, but in a broader context of digital media.

  3. Point taken… but the thing is that generally this sort of comments are not read within their boundaries 🙂 and they risk to pass themselves as more categorical and encompassing than they really are. Question is, from a mainstream media perspective, hasn’t this always been the case? Imagine you are someone planning a media campaign, you would look at all those media as outlets for your message, like a general fielding it’s armies. So, it is always reduced to where you’re standing and your final objectives.

  4. I mean, from where you look ditactes what and how you see, indifferent of what is there for real.

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