Interesting report on Hear 2.0

Radio is “Less Relevant” to 18-24’s
Mark Ramsey

According to this TargetCast study, “The biggest usage declines were found among men and young adults 18-34 in newspapers, magazines and radio.”

(…) Here’s another tidbit: “Adults ages 18-24 are more likely to say radio is not as relevant.”

(…) 41% of [18-64’s] surveyed indicate that radio is still relevant in today’s media environment. According to respondents, radio provides a great venue to discover new music that cannot be experienced elsewhere. And, respondents overall prefer to listen to music through the radio station vs. Internet stations or on their mp3 player.

(… ) Over the past 100 years radio has been a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. However, after surviving the challenges of broadcast TV, the emergence of cable and the launch of the Internet, radio is slowly being tuned out by a generation addicted to personal, programmable MP3 players, iPods, iPhones and other multi-media devices.

So what business are you in?

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From Branding Strategy Insider

Al Ries

How To Attack The Leading Brand – aplicável à rádio!

Take Pepsi-Cola. How does the brand compete with No. 1 Coca-Cola?

Be the opposite. Coca-Cola is widely perceived to the real thing, the authentic brand, the long-time market leader. So how does Pepsi-Cola become the opposite of the real thing?


So Pepsi-Cola became the cola for the younger crowd. ‘The Pepsi Generation.’
Years ago, we tried to get Burger King to become the opposite of McDonald’s with absolutely no success.

If your brand is not the leading brand in your category and if your brand is not the opposite of the leader, then your brand is headed for trouble.

Think Kmart. Think Burger King. Think of the opposite strategy.

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