FuturePlaces 2009 presents

RADIO FUTURA, The official FuturePlaces radio station broadcasting live during FuturePlaces 2009 digital media festival.

October 14-17, 2009 Porto, Portugal

A joint venture between Future Places and Rádio Zero.


We are now accepting submissions for Radio Futura, a special one-week radio broadcast during FuturePlaces 2009. FuturePlaces 2009 is an international digital media festival focusing on the potential of digital media to change local cultures and societies. It does so by exploring digital culture in its many forms: from concerts to exhibitions and competitions, from workshops to parties, from conferences  to film screenings.

During the festival, Radio Futura will be broadcasting a mix of live  event coverage and studio programs. We want your participation by  submitting proposals for programs to be broadcast during the festival.

You can submit any kind of program,  as long as it is connected to radio digital culture and/or local cultures in any way.


Preference is given to proposals of live programs, using webstream or at (if you’re around at the time) Radio Futura studio, but pre-recorder programs are also welcomed.

SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSALS TO: radiofutura2009 @

Deadline for submitting your proposals is : August 15, 2009

Proposals should be either a short statement of the idea to be developed  in the radio program, or an audio file of a draft program. (MP3 or OGG is preferred at this stage, because it is light!).

You can find out more on the Future Places digital media festival


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