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Napster: Ten years of change

BBC News

Crise económica atinge publicidade online


RADIO AND THE DIGITAL NATIVE – How 15-24s are using radio – and what this tells us about the future of the medium

The growth of digital media has changed almost everything about how, why and when people consume

media. Now there are many new choices, created by technology such as iPods, games consoles and, of

course, the internet.



AGENDA: c-o pop  

 Colónia, 12 a 16 de Agosto, 2009.

O tema deste ano é “Pop Culture 2.0”.

Not only does its business element , the c/o pop Convention, feature brand new content, c/o pop 2009 also boasts a bigger, better and brighter extended festival programme.  Is directed at anyone involved in planning and shaping the future of music. Its relevance extends to other sectors beyond the music business in the classic sense, for as the name suggests, this Convention stands for progress and change. As a cross-sector network and communication platform, c/o pop brings the protagonists of the creative industries together with companies from the music and entertainment sectors and provides them with a forum for intensive dialogue and exchange.

Dica: Indústrias Culturais


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