Conferência: “Radio Content in the Digital Age

The Cyprus University of Technology and the ECREA Radio Research Section invite the submission of abstracts for their forthcoming conference, “Radio Content in the Digital Age”.

Limassol, Cyprus 14 – 16 October, 2009

Cyprus University of Technology: <>

·       Radio content in Europe and in other countries
·       University and alternative – community  radio content
·       Radio content and new communication technology environment
·       Radio Audiences in the digital era


·       Guy Starkey – University of Sunderland, UK
·        Stanislaw Jedrzejewski – Akademia Leona Ko mi skiego, Poland
·        Angeliki Gazi – Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
·       Rosemary Day – Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland
·        Jean-Jacques Cheval – Université de Bordeaux, France
·       Caroline Mitchell  – University of Sunderland, UK
·       Stelios Papathanasopoulos – University of Athens, Greece
·       Stephen Lax – University of Leeds, UK
·       Paula Cordeiro  – Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Portugal
·        Eirini Giannara – Univeristy of Athens, Greece
·       Joan Francesc Fondevila i Gascón – Centre d’Estudis sobre el Cable, Spain
·        Peter Lewis – London Metropolitan University, UK
·       Salvatore Scifo  – Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey
·        Ciaran Kissane –  Head of Broadcasting Commission, Ireland
·       Jo Tacchi -Queensland University of Technology, Australia
·       Marko Ala-Fossi – University of Tampere, Finland

Practical Details
• Papers should be submitted in English.
• Papers may be submitted for oral presentations.
• All papers accepted will be published in the proceedings of the conference.

Important deadlines
Deadline for submissions: April, 15
Final answers: May, 15
Deadline for the registration: June, 15
Deadline for the submission of the full papers: September, 5

To submit abstracts:  <;

Contact person: Angeliki Gazi, Vice Chair Radio Research Section, ECREA, mailto:


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