Audiências e Publicidade

Diz a Inside Radio que “Asian groups seek PPM data”.
“Owners of stations targeting Blacks and Hispanics have been vocal in expressing their PPM methodology concerns. Now Asian groups are asking for special breakouts of their listeners. Arbitron says they’re surveying markets with the largest Asian populations to see what the operators there prefer”.

Por outro lado, a AdAge avança que “Radio Gaining Audience — but Not Ad Revenue

“Radio has been right behind newspapers as the old-school medium most adversely affected by digital developments. New research, however, shows that radio is actually gaining audience, even in spite of its closest competitor, the iPod. (…) Industry revenue has been largely flat to down in the past five years due to the gradual migration of listeners to MP3 players and online radio — not to mention advertisers’ simultaneous migration to other niche media such as cable TV, web portals and, to a smaller extent, satellite radio. (…) And as the industry’s highest-ranked executives have readily admitted in recent years, radio hasn’t done a good job of embracing new media”.


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