To be or not to be… Tuned in

“(…) That brings us to Tuned In. What does it mean to be tuned in?

We interviewed 100 CEOs and looked at a lot of different companies to try to get at the essence of how businesses get breakthroughs. And what we concluded was that it???s pretty simple: The businesses that are what we call ???tuned in??? are the ones that succeed. And being ???tuned in??? means they are focused on their potential customers and the problems that their potential customers face – as opposed to what most organizations do, which is dream up products and services in their comfortable offices or just create things that they think would be interesting, and then market that

What most ???tuned out??? companies do is to create their marketing and simply talk about what their products and services do.

So contrast that with the companies that do it right and who are focused on understanding the unresolved problems that people face in the marketplace and how a well-placed product can solve those problems and then become a breakthrough in the market”.

FONTE: Hear 2.0 [ler]

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