Music stars unite to seek control

UK pop and rock stars are taking action to try to gain ownership and control of their work from record labels. [ler]

Nokia unveils new music service

Nokia has announced details of its Comes with Music service, which will allow 12 months of unlimited music downloads on pay-as-you-go phones. [ler]

iTunes store shutdown feared

A veiled threat by Apple to close its iTunes store has emerged 18 months after it was issued and just a day before royalty rates are to be set. [ler]


FONTE: Business Week

Check Out the 2008 Best Global Brands


FONTE: Hear 2.o

“The Wall” – Music Discovery for Radio

Even amidst the digital onslaught, radio continues to be the number one way most folks discover new music. That fact comes from my research as well as the work of others [ler]

What is “Attention” worth?

Seth Godin once said it to me, and Kevin Kelly (one of my favorite thinker/writers) hints at it in this post: Radio is the envy of the new media world.


Because radio can provide what no digital destination can get on its own without a bunch of extra help. [ler]



Parlamento aprova Lei da Concentração

A maioria PS no Parlamento garantiu a aprovação da proposta de Lei do Pluralismo e da não Concentração. [ler]


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