Dos diários ao PPM… As medidas de audiência na rádio


“I remember the good old days of the radio survey. (…) An ancient system requiring householders to conscientiously tick boxes on a paper spreadsheet – thereby capturing an accurate record their listening habits. (…) Traditional diary surveys require a lengthy process and are inaccurate at best. Quarter hour listening figures are usually over-reported and new research has shown that people who fill out diaries often listen to twice as many stations as they actually write down. (…) Radio advertisers have always been rightly suspicious of surveys and deserve more certainty before committing their cash. This, of course, is where “PPM” steps into the spotlight. (Portable People Meters). (…) The technique not only works with analogue broadcasting – but is apparently just as accurate with digital signals and internet radio too. Another smart feature is a built in motion detector that can tell whether the surveyed listener is carrying their personal meter around with them. Clever stuff. (…) PPM promises new insights into how listeners consume radio too. Results are far more reliable – and initial research has shown that, compared to traditional surveys, a typical radio station reaches twice as many listeners than was previously thought. (…) But grumpy old shock-jocks aside, it seems the industry is generally in favour of PPM. It has to be said… the old diary system is a leftover relic from the days of carts and splicing and anything that presents a more realistic picture of audience behaviour has to be a good thing. With any luck the technology will get more affordable and eventually become industry standard for all radio research companies. (…) Change is inevitable.”

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