Rádio Digital na Grã-Bretanha

Relatório recente, produzido pelo UK’s Digital Radio Working Group, aponta as seguintes tendências:

-DAB is the most appropriate replacement for analogue radio in the UK;
-The future radio landscape should at least in the medium term be a mixed
ecology with:
-DAB as the primary platform for national, regional and large local stations;
-FM capacity for small local and community radio stations; and
-IP delivery to complement the above and provide opportunities for
greater interactivity.
– Future receivers should be capable of receiving FM, DAB and the other main
variants of the Eureka 147 family.
– A long term plan should be developed to move all services to digital.
– MW should be re-allocated for other uses, while more work is needed to
consider the future role of LW.
– The Government should make a clear statement on the future of digital radio.
– Government should agree a set of criteria and timetable for the migration
to digital.
– These criteria should include an assessment of:
-the percentage of listening to DAB enabled devices;
-Current and planned coverage of DAB and FM; and
– In considering the case for migration we expect the Government will also
want to consider the take-up of digital radio in cars, affordability,
functionality, and an environmental impact plan.
– The aspiration should be to meet these criteria by between 2012 and 2015 with migration completed by 2020.

[Ler o relatório]


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