Música: sex, drugs and rock’n’roll


Women, Sex and Music

The Sexualization of Female Singers in the Music Industry

Michael Peters, SUITE 101

“(..) Sex sells. There is no denying this fact. It is a tremendous marketing tool and fuels the insatiable cravings of a sex-obsessed society. (…) There are many female singers present in the music industry. Many have great voices and maintain a strong subjectivity throughout their songs or performances. Artists such as Whitney Huston, Aretha Franklin and Reba McEntire are rarely criticized for their raunchy lyrics or fashions. The sole factor being is that they do not need to be vulgar or raunchy. They have been around for quite sometime and are respected on the merit of their talents alone. They have proven themselves. It is the younger generation of singers that are the most troublesome. (…) It has now become about her body and how she can sexualize herself to appeal to a large male audience (in hopes of obtaining fans that may not have been attracted to her music in the first place). If one would reminisce for a brief moment. Think about the artists that started off as innocent, wholesome singers and then abruptly transitioned into highly sexualized objects. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey (breast implants and all), Jennifer Lopez, Jewel, Fergie, Jojo, Avril Lavigne and so on.” [ler]


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